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#IAmTamiGirl-Director of Operations-Author-Speaker-Entrepreneur- #hashtagger-Suicide Prevention 


Tamara Linnan is the action-oriented, community minded success focused leader that the likes of Les Brown, John Leslie Brown(Les Brown Jr), The Impact Players Tour, Money Multiplier Brent Kessler, and HGTV’s Risky Builders Star Chris Naugle call upon for her unique strategies in business strategy. Tamara is a serial entrepreneur founding the companies Profitable Shenanigans, The Starving Dog, and Front Office Solutions

Tamara’s secret sauce behind the scenes has earned her the nickname “Ghost Management” Which means Tamara with her teams design, produce, seek out and serve any clients needs in a stealth like manner. “We may not see Tamara but we see the magic and know when her team has arrived” Tamara L. Hunter-Founder of Chemo Buddies for Life

Most recently Tamara has founded The Starving Dog Action Pak. The Starving Dog Action Pak is a group of entrepreneurs that embrace and live by the motto #putactionwhereyourhashtagis.

Tamara caught the writing bug early in life.

Writing truly was the thing Tamara leaned on heavily during hard times. Tamara was first published in the 5th grade and has written a total of 30 books since then.

Quotes The Starving Dog Way :

#PutActionWhereYourHashTag is (Kindle Edition)

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2 book

The Laws Of Attracting Greatness:

Winners Mindset (Kindle Edition)

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Profitable Shenanigans

Profitable Solutions with Profitable Shenanigans

2015 Called they want their crappy marketing, relationships, and content creation back!!

Tired of not being able to outsource content, grow your following, or find just the right tribe no matter how hard you try?? Lacking a business coach that has actually been where you wish to go?

Tired of #entrepreneurs imposters ripping off your friends last dollars? Tired of being told there can be no mistakes, with clients expecting 8 trillion dollars back for their Buck Seventy-Five ($1.75)

Look no further Profitable Shenanigans has arrived.   We sought out the best #Actiontakers  in business to save you from the #FakeGuru and let’s face it #fromyourselfaswell

Influencer Management & Marketing

Last thing any of us need anymore is another Non Qualified Tik Toker with 87 million likes and zero experience in running an actual business. Thank The Advertising Gods with the new vanity metrics being removed from social platforms, those with actual experience, results, and the grit to recover from the bumps and bruises of […]

Hashtag All About It (Digital Footprint Tracking)

How is this different from Marketing? GREAT Question. Our Team has been using #hashtags and leveraging the Digital Footprint of brands, tours, celebrities, for over 5 years. Profitable Shenanigans understand the ripple effect of using the wrong message for your brand, not because of a course, but because of actual craft performance. What Do We […]

Author Services

You know how crucial having a book is to your credibility. With so many different prices, services, self publishing vs using a publisher, editing, marketing, book launches can stall taking action.   Profitable Shenanigans network of best SELLING (none of that be number 1 on Amazon in two seconds nonsense) practitioners (as in they have […]

Social Media Management & Groups Growth

You have started your social media group and it’s popping with hundreds or thousands of your ideal audience, yet can not seem to grow your client list. Simply having a large following is not enough to stand out above the rest making clear why you are the solution for that audience. What Do We Do? […]


What a loaded word. What exactly does consulting mean? While we can not answer for others here at Profitable Shenanigans we understand there is no ONE template fit’s all for brand growth, regardless of industry. What Do We Do? Operations Clean up & Creation Tour Logistics Launch New Departments & Products Automations Creations Software Research […]

Content Creation

Sarcasm is a dying art & for the chosen few who practice & thrive on being exactly who they are in verbal & written word, finding a content creator is next to impossible. How do we know? We have spent thousands of our dollars seeking and trying out content writers for our Island of Misfit […]

Digital Echo Journey

Are leveraging your entire digital echo? Do you know how hashtags truly affect your brand as a whole? Do you know how that 5k funnel affects your blog? Every single thing you do affects your entrepreneur echo system & NOBODY is telling you that! Until now! Join the first ever Digital Echo Coaching Program. We […]


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