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Tamara’s secret sauce behind the scenes has earned her the nickname “Ghost Management” Which means Tamara with her teams design, produce, seek out and serve any clients needs in a stealth like manner. “We may not see Tamara but we see the magic and know when her team has arrived” Tamara L. Hunter-Founder of Chemo Buddies for Life

Most recently Tamara has founded The Starving Dog Action Pak. The Starving Dog Action Pak is a group of entrepreneurs that embrace and live by the motto #putactionwhereyourhashtagis.


Tami-Girl began writing in childhood, having written over 30 books to date and is especially proud of the Little Guru Series, providing age appropriate discussions regrding mental health. Proceeds from Tami-Girl’s books go directly to support mental health services in her communities 

Quotes The Starving Dog Way :

#PutActionWhereYourHashTag is (Kindle Edition)

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The Laws Of Attracting Greatness:

Winners Mindset (Kindle Edition)

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Profitable Shenanigans

Profitable Solutions with Profitable Shenanigans

2015 Called they want their crappy marketing, relationships, and content creation back!!

Tired of not being able to outsource content, grow your following, or find just the right tribe no matter how hard you try?? Lacking a business coach that has actually been where you wish to go?

Tired of #entrepreneurs imposters ripping off your friends last dollars? Tired of being told there can be no mistakes, with clients expecting 8 trillion dollars back for their Buck Seventy-Five ($1.75)

Look no further Profitable Shenanigans has arrived.   We sought out the best #Actiontakers  in business to save you from the #FakeGuru and let’s face it #fromyourselfaswell

#HashtagRevolution Live Course

Tamara AKA Tami-Girl Linnan has been leveraging #Hashtags since 2009 in the Music and Celebrity Management Industries.


What a loaded word. What exactly does consulting mean? While we can not answer for others here at Profitable Shenanigans we understand there is no ONE template fit’s all for brand growth, regardless of industry. What Do We Do? Operations Clean up & Creation Tour Logistics Launch New Departments & Products Automations Creations Software Research […]


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