Tamara Linnan is an Author Speaker, Navy Veteran, Suicide Prevention Warrior, Consultant, Director of Operations to the Whose, Who of the influencer world and expert Action Taker, The Owner, Founder, and CEO of Profitable Shenanigans, The Starving Dog, and Front Office Solutions

Tamara is the action-oriented, community minded success focused leader that the likes of Les Brown, John Leslie Brown(Les Brown Jr), The Impact Players Tour, Money Multiplier Brent Kessler and HGTV’s Risky Builders Star Chris Naugle call upon for her Director Of Operations and Logistical support for the best minds in business. Tamara’s secret sauce behind the scenes has caused her nickname “ghost management” Which means Tamara and her team’s design, produce, seek out and serve any need of her clients in a stealth like manner.

Most recently Tamara has created The Starving Dog Action Pak a group of entrepreneurs that embrace her motto #putactionwhereyourhashtagis. All members of the Starving Dog Action Pak are high level entrepreneurs and public figures who take proceeds from their for profit business to actively give back to their local communities. Tamara and fellow pak members have a non nonsense, no excuse approach to business and creating change through taking action.


What Drives Tamara

Tamara’s mother Nancy committed suicide January 7th, 1987 at 33 years of age. Tamara was just a young girl when she had to learn the harsh realities surrounding the stigma of mental health and suicide. Tamara’s religion condemned her mother to Hell. Tamara’s family condemned her mother for weak mindedness and Nancy was not allowed to be spoken of again. Tamara was on her own to adjust to this tragedy as a result Tamara has pledged her life to understanding the darkness of mental illness and stopping suicide in its tracks. Every aspect of Tamara’s companies are utilized for that pledge within the communities she works.

Most recently Tamara has created The Starving Dog Action Pak a group of entrepreneurs that embrace her motto #putactionwhereyourhashtagis


front office solutions

Front office solutions is focused on providing you with high quality expertise through our years of experience and background in professional business administration. Your calls, emails, job dispatching and scheduling is managed by highly trained friendly staff. Stop losing potential customers due to short staffing. You can focus on running your business, leave the office work to FOS

After a battle with her own health and a 11 month hospital stay, Tamara and Co Owner Tony Aimonetti converted Front Office Solutions into Front Office Solutions Non-Profit which provides mental health services and employment for Veterans, Teen Cutters, and their family members to ensure these communities never have to choose between their health and employment again. Every client working with Front Office Solutions Non-Profit are directly employing those in need.

Tamara Linnan – Speaker

Tamara is a relentless suicide prevention advocate exposing mental health issues recognizing toxic situations and leveraging traumatic situations for the position of business success. Tamara’s most sought out talks are those on Active listening, Leveraging Trauma for Business Success, Building Unbeatable Connections, and Making The Impossible Possible


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