Doesn’t your brand deserve the unfair advantage of extending  marketing reach making any paid advertising you do more powerful. 

How would you or your marketing team like to know the exact reasons why not using #hashtags or using #hashtags incorrectly will stop any brand dead in it’s tracks with Facebook’s #hashtag crossover? 

Did you know brands may now monetize Facebook Pages?

How would you like social platforms to advertise FOR you?

Let’s face it running a paid advertisement is only getting harder on every platform, you deserve the #Hashtag #Advantage 

Why Now?

There is a system to #Hashtagging all about it. Social Media Platforms are an ever-changing targets of what worked in 2019 doesn’t work in 2020 and what worked yesterday very well will not work today….The ONLY Guarantee Social Platforms have is what works in this moment today, if your brand doesn’t strike while the opportunity is hot, you may very well have missed that window to propel your business forward. 

#Hashtagging for success:

What will this #Hashtagging #Shenanigan cover??

 Each week we will have a live webinar, no outdated pre-recorded horrible advice over here! When you leave YOUR brand hashtags will be healthy-setup in real time-and include our banned hashtag maintenance program to ensure a single #Hashtag doesn’t knock your entire brand out of the game. 

Topics include-

Auditing Your Brands Digital Ecosystem

How #hashtags are now Critical to Google My Business rankings. 

We are bringing in two surprise experts on how to write and Leverage GREAT PR releases with healthy #hashtags, proper SEO and learn their 5 touch scaling formula they-PERSONALLY used to scale start ups like Zenefits and how to leverage your brands #hashtags with paid social adverts.

What is your investment?

Your time, getting uncomfortable in a live setting surrounding real time lessons with your brand in the driver’s seat and a one time payment of $1,000. 

Unlike other courses we understand clients are less likely to take a course and then go home to complete what they learned on topics as ever changing as #Hashtags. For that reason we limit our courses to 20 people Max to ensure each brand get’s the ONE on ONE attention your brand deserves. 

Forget FOMO-avoid the dreaded Yo Brand Can’t Advertise Here No More: Which will be the case whether or not a brand prepares for the new #hashtag era that is ALREADY here. 

The last thing anyone needs is a nonaction taker spreading more lies about #hashtags out of pure laziness to not maintaining their brands overall being


Take Action With #Tami-Girl