3 Critical Customer Service Elements

In a day and age where communication has never been easier companies continue to crumble under the weight of disgruntled customers. One would stand to reason business owners would understand the value of active listening and empathy with a customer having a bad experience.

Empowering Your Team The Right Way

Empowering employees is important for growing a sustainable business. While it is in the nature of entrepreneurs to try and do everything themselves, learning how to leverage your customer service agents. We will cover the top 3 ways to leverage...

Perfect/Imperfect Beautiful Questions

I recently read the book by Warren Berger, A More Beautiful Question: The Power of Inquiry to Spark Breakthrough Ideas, Berger argues that while seeking answers is important, we must first learn to ask the right questions of ourselves and those...

Warning Signs & Options For Suicidal Thoughts

There are many different types of warning signs you may see in yourself or another person who may be in the midst of a Mental Health Crisis. All warning signs require attention, and some require immediate action. Some people will make jokes about...


Take Action With #Tami-Girl